Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm so damn freaking tired last saturday since i had my 5-hour volleyball practice for the upcoming 2009 ICC Sportsfest that will be held on on September 23-26, 2009 at Patricia Sports Complex in Maypajo, Caloocan. This is the first time that I'd pushed myself to the next level of my strength(awow!..superman!) or let say I had exceeded my limit of playing so long to the point that i'm palpitating and i can't breathe anymore since the game is really intensive and the players were so dedicated of winning this year's event. I should go to work after practice but then again, I was so wasted and tired that I can't go to the office anymore (but I did call WF).

Before I get to the place where the game was, I went to the mall to buy gift because my nephew, Jhorenz will be attending a birthday party just around our vicinity and my sister told me then that I should buy something for the celebrator. So I went to the mall with my classmates and they helped me pick a gift that best suited the kid.

Back to the ball game!... Our team name is "Kingston" since the name of a team should be related to computers. Kingston is a brand of flashdrives that is always used by the students in our school. Some of the names of other volleyball teams are "Flash", short for flashdrive, "Bullets", which we're using in MS Word, "Virus", and etc. My position in the court is spiker and I really love doing digs and spikes! and...and........and.....tagalog na lang!.. 5 kami na spiker sa team, 3 ang setter and the rest is history...hehehehe, joke lang... Ang ganda ng line up namin since lahat talaga eh may play, minsan lang talaga may mga pasaway (including me) na hindi naman maiiwasan kung minsan, di ba?..
bkit pag-asa ang pangalan ng posting na ito?..kasi sa pag-asa covered court kami nagpa-praktis..hehehe!!! un lang!...

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