Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Add 1....

(nakakaasar ang PC d2 sa ofis..mali ang date)
I'm writing this post at exactly 2:48 PM here in my station in the office.

9 more hours and 12 minutes, another year has past and i'm now facing my 24th year in this journey called life. Memories are still in me and I let you know how my life started.

The year 1953 when a baby girl was born in the hospital and she is the 3rd baby of her mom and dad. Years passed by and at the age of 20, she was forced to marry a guy that was not really the love of her life. Since her parents arranged this wedding, she doesn't have any choice but to marry the guy that was totally strange to her. She had 2 kids from that guy then suddenly she just decided to leave him. She live her life alone without the kids because the father don't want to give the kids to her. She met another guy that was totally different from the 1st guy she lived with. A guy that she really loves and promised to love for the rest of her life. She had another 2 kids from that guy and she thought that this will be her perfect family. The guy went to Saudi for him to raise her family well. When the guy returned to her family, something was changed. He physically hurts the girl and for the 2nd time, she decided to live her life with her kids without the guy. I definitely think that this girl was not too lucky in terms of relationship. After 5 years from the 2nd decision, she, again met another guy whose quite older than her and shows love and respect to her. Love that was way better that the first guy she lived with and respect that she don't get from the 2nd guy she loved. Their relationship is not that legal since she's still married with the 1st guy and the new guy is still married with another girl, but the guy was seperated from his first family. December 1985 when they decided to have a baby and after 9 months of carrying the baby in her womb, at exactly 4:24 AM of September 21, 1986, she gave birth to a baby boy that was named "AESON". "A" stands for the first name of the mother and "E" for the surname. "SON" means a baby boy. Aeson is really a blessing to the couple that their life started to be bounty and they had a good life. 3 years after, Aeson's father died in a cardiac arrest and that was really a shocking scenario to her mom. Last few words from his dad was told to his mom while he was carried by his father then suddenly, Aeson fell to his father's chest and the drama begins.

After the death of Aeson's dad, his mom stop falling in love for another man because she thought that she's not really into relationships since all the man that she'd been with are failures. So the mother took care of the 3 kids alone and she started to work hard for her kids. Years passed by and now, Aeson is already 22 years old turning 23 later and his now working for her mom and paying back all the sacrifices that her mom gave to them.

Some facts:

- when Aeson was in grade school, not really sure what grade but he used to be a blind kid before.
- at the age of 9, he fell in love with a girl whose name is Karla E. Castro.
- when he was 8, he fell to the ground from a 10 ft. mango tree and he landed with a big laceration.
- He's a teacher's pet when he was in grade 4. The teacher taught him how to sell biscuits but the profit will be hers.
- He used to work with different kinds of job and his first was a food sampler having free taste of their product in the mall.
- He's now working with the Philippine's pioneer contact center.
- He's also studying again for his college.
- He is now in the office and starting to be sleepy..zzzzzzzzzz

Friday, September 18, 2009

World of ICE!

Soooooooper LAMIG NGAUN!!..

i didn't bring any jacket since nasanay ako na mahina ang AC d2 sa bay namin!..

kya eto ko ngaun, medyo nagchi-chill na habang nag ta-type!...

tpos uminom pa ako ng in-can na malamig kaya e2 sinisipon na ako sa lamig!..


Monday, September 14, 2009

25 Random Things Ab0ut Me!

Nakita ko lang ito sa blog ni Nadja at mukhang trip kong gayahin..hehehehehe!...
I just found out that I want to jut down some facts about me that maybe the other people don't know yet!..And here's the list:

1. I sleep very deep and when someone wakes me up, I'll have a hard time to sleep again!

2. I started working when I was 18 yrs old since I'm so excited to earn money for my own!

3. In accordance to number 1, I'm having a hard time to wake up and only few people knows how
to wake me up!..( just touching t**t t**t !! hehehehe! u know)

4. I laugh differently. I mean different from your normal laugh that sometimes I might sound OA

5. Laing is one of my favorite dish but I really crave a lot with "Bicol Express" especially yung
napakaraming sili!..awow!!

6. Trance music is one of my favorite genre of music and i even downloaded 14 albums of it
specially by Tiesto.

7. I usually go to a club were no one can stop me dance. i love dancing and this is my forte!

8. I'm a frustrated singer. I really want to learn how to sing well!

9. I eat Calamares a lot!..AS IN!..yung tig-3 piso sa labas ng school namin!, ayoko yung sa mga
bar kasi parang di ako nasisiyahan at isa pa, MAHAL!

10. I have a lot of white sneakers, as in lahat sa kanila puti. Pero meron ata ako 1 brown.

11. My dream is to become a professional photographer that I idolize 2 of my friends whose
really good in photography. "Tatz" and "Eybi".

12. Mahilig ako sa sulok, yung tipong laging may sasandalan.

13. When I'm riding any public transportation, I want my seat beside the window. Kung jeep
naman, di ako sumasakay sa loob, laging sa harap!

14. May malaki akong sugat sa paa kasi nahulog ako sa puno ng mangga sa province namin when
I was 9 years old. As in 11 stitches kasi bumagsak ako sa lutuan ng mais (made of yero).

15. Signature choco hot and cold.

16. I'm always looking for a Wi-Fi Zone.

17. I love Beyonce Knowles and all her songs!..meron din akong album nya sa phone ko!

18. Meron akong sariling music video ng Mad ni Ne-yo na ginawa ko sa Matabungkay Beach!
Hehehehe!...kaka-aliw, and I love doing MTV's!..

19. Sumayaw na ako sa Fiesta sa amin na ang practice ay umaga at hapon ang palabas! WOW!!

20. I had a wavemate that I envy a lot. I even dress like him and made my haircut like him as

21. I want to memorize the U.S. Geography!

22. They told me that I speak English too fast. And they love my accent!..

23. For me, chico and tiesa are eeew eeew!

24. I don't eat fish! unless, himayan mo ako!..

25. 1 pack of Marlboro Red please!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm so damn freaking tired last saturday since i had my 5-hour volleyball practice for the upcoming 2009 ICC Sportsfest that will be held on on September 23-26, 2009 at Patricia Sports Complex in Maypajo, Caloocan. This is the first time that I'd pushed myself to the next level of my strength(awow!..superman!) or let say I had exceeded my limit of playing so long to the point that i'm palpitating and i can't breathe anymore since the game is really intensive and the players were so dedicated of winning this year's event. I should go to work after practice but then again, I was so wasted and tired that I can't go to the office anymore (but I did call WF).

Before I get to the place where the game was, I went to the mall to buy gift because my nephew, Jhorenz will be attending a birthday party just around our vicinity and my sister told me then that I should buy something for the celebrator. So I went to the mall with my classmates and they helped me pick a gift that best suited the kid.

Back to the ball game!... Our team name is "Kingston" since the name of a team should be related to computers. Kingston is a brand of flashdrives that is always used by the students in our school. Some of the names of other volleyball teams are "Flash", short for flashdrive, "Bullets", which we're using in MS Word, "Virus", and etc. My position in the court is spiker and I really love doing digs and spikes! and...and........and.....tagalog na lang!.. 5 kami na spiker sa team, 3 ang setter and the rest is history...hehehehe, joke lang... Ang ganda ng line up namin since lahat talaga eh may play, minsan lang talaga may mga pasaway (including me) na hindi naman maiiwasan kung minsan, di ba?..
bkit pag-asa ang pangalan ng posting na ito?..kasi sa pag-asa covered court kami nagpa-praktis..hehehe!!! un lang!...

Monday, September 7, 2009


Red Horse

El Hombre Tequila

Absolut Kurant Vodka

I'm so excited!..And I just can't hide it!..I know, I know, I know you want this, you want this!..
HAHAHAHAHA!!...days passing by and time is running out..

This makes my birthday bash complete!

At may listahan ako ng mga taong sure pupunta!..hehehehehe

ISKC Peepz:
1. Charlottee Victoria
2. Oliver Jarlego (no notif yet)
3. Ricardo Franco Morelos

ePerforMax Peepz:
1. Lambert "Lhanz" Sabater
2. Tatiana Ley "Tatz" Sta. Juana
3. Myla Caballero
4. Julabe "Jula" Donceras
5. Fritzie "Tzikhe" Ferraren
6. Arra Morada
7. Aimee Lu

Elementary classmates:
1. Lariza Tayao
2. Leonardo Sevilla

High School classmates:
1. Jake Pineda
2. Jenilyn Lam
3. Charlon Lagman
4. Teresa Gonzales-Lagman
5. Elaine Artienda
6. Zeliza Asuncion
7. Joshua Biluan
8. Jimky Arevalo
9. Neil Andrienne Alalin
10. Angelica Santiago
11. Mark Ann Cabrito
12. Katherine Aliermo
13. Frederic Pulanco
(di ko pa alam kung sino pa yung iba!)

Manila Goldrush Peepz:
1. Shermagne Cruz
2. Abigail Mendoza
3. Vince Emman Ramos
4. Vince Saiden
5. Karren Adiao

HCOM Peepz:

(Harvey's Team)
1. Nadja De Vera
2. Sheila Marie Cortes
3. Anjonie Zara
4. Harvey Catubig
5. Airra Quiambao

(Wave R)
1. August Agustin
2. Ashley Penabella
3. Dennis De leon
4. Allan Dela Torre
5. Jasper Mariñas

(Team Jasmin)
1. Lindsay Yanga
2. Patricia Cabochan
3. Sharon Burgos
4. Raymond Romaquin
5. Francis Roldan
6. Marikka Pascua
7. Quincy Pasahol
8. Rey Lacsi
(sama ko na kau d2 ha!)
and many more..
9. Loi Pacio (QA)

College Peepz:
1. Jon-jon Tancioco
2. Manuel Ignacio
3. Jico Lagera
4. Christopher Manliclic
5. Angelo Laurencio
6. Julie Ann Aquino
7. Michelle Adviento
8. Aileen Tambong
9. Ailene Joyce Ruz

Bulacan Peepz:
1. Niña / Niño Borja
2. Annabelle Borja
3. Lester Borja
4. Lougene Borja
5. Dolly Jane Borja
6. Sherwin Isleta
7. Francis Cruz
8. Morris Cruz
and anyone who wants to join!

Ang dami!..ang saya saya!..

Of course, hindi pwedeng mawala ang mga pinakamamahal kong mga barkada!..Ang mga taong mula hirap hanggang pagdurusa ay lagi kong kasama...Pero minsan lang sila magsaya!.. hahaha!!.. joke lang!.. Ang mga tambay ng Maria Clara St., 6th Ave., Grace Park, Caloocan City!..

Ang lahat ng ito ay hindi matutupad kung wala akong pera!..of course!..hehehe joke lang.. hindi ito maisasakatuparan kung wala ang aking pinakamamahal na BestFriend!! BUNSO!!!!

hahahaha! you!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just made my first post for this month and suddenly i realized that i need to write another one!..
I'm just chit-chatting with my teammate Janelle when my TL approach me and asking how many ghost calls did I receive for the past hour (lecheng ghost call yan!!). After I explain to him what's happening, he even explained to me what our big boss told him, "It's just a line issue!". So I continue chatting with Janelle and suddenly, Arlene (also my teammate!) called my attention. She's like the "tindera" of our team since she's selling some food for our lunch break!. She provide all of us chicken barbeque with matching SUKA ha, then I just tell her mamaya na lang. Then there's a call came in..............thank's for calling and have a great day!... So ayun katatapos lang!..San na ba ko??..ayun, mamaya ko na lang siya babayaran!..Then I asked if meron pa bang ibang part kasi ang napunta sa aking eh 2 wings, makikipagpalit sana ako kung meron pang iba, eh napansin ko na parang wala na kaya ayun ok na rin ang wings!..Nangungulit na naman ako sa mga kateam ko ng bigla kong tinanong si Arlene kung magkano yung chicken bbq na binebenta nya!..Mukhang hindi ata ako masyadong naririnig kasi siguro mga 8 working stations ang layo namin sa isa' ako naman ehmedyo nangungulit at ang sabi ko, "Hey Arlene, how much is your PAKPAK??" nakatingin sa akin si Mike(kateam ko din)..Parang iba daw sa kanya ang sinabi ko!..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!....natawa naman ako dahil wala naman akong intensyon na maiba ang meaning ng tinatanong ko!..hehehehe, so hindi pa rin ako naririnig ni Arlene, "Gusto mo ba medyo slang??"..tanong ko kay Mike...."Hey Arlene, how much is yer Pakpak??..and i caught her attention.."Ha?, walang bayad yan!"...AWOW!!..hehehehe THANKS!!!...So i just saved P50 for my lunch since kanin na lang ang bibilin ko!..hehehehe!!!
Lesson: Always use American slang!..HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!


I don't know why I feel like i'm so light today??.. Is it because today is the first day of my month?..Or is it because I had fixed my biggest problem??.. I'm not really sure why and this is not ordinary..!!!
I did ask myself why I'm happy this day!..(sumagot sya!, at ang sabi nya ay nakahanap ka na! ano??..hmmmm???) Wala akong maisip na bagay na pedeng ikumpara o ihalintulad sa mga panibughong nagaganap sa akin sa mga oras na ito!..(wow, TAGALOG!!) Napaka-walang kwenta ng mga naiisip ko at di ko naman naisip na maiisip ko ang mga ganitong klaseng bagay!(ano daw??)..BASTA!!.. Natatakot nga ako kasi marami na akong narinig na kapag meron daw mga bagay na hindi mo naman nagagawa sa pang-araw-araw o hindi mo pa nagagawa sa kapwa mo ay isang way na yun ng pagpapaalam!..HALA!...Pero seriously, yun ang iniisip ko!.. For example, sa mga lamay sa patay, naririnig ko sa kanila, "si ganito humingi pa ng asukal sa bahay eh may tindahan naman sila!..Hindi kaya yun ang way nag pagpapaalam nya sa akin?". Meron pang ganito, "Lagi nyang pinalalaruan yung buhok ko pag nakaupo kaming dalawa, pero kahapon ni hindi man lang nya hinawakan, pero magkatabi pa rin kami, first time nya hindi ginawa yun habang magkasama kami!". Katakot!! Hindi na nga ako gagawa ng mga bagay na hindi ko pa nagagawa dati!.. Pero mabalik tayo sa aking feelings ngayong araw, sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam ko as in para akong nagpa-spa at nag pa-massage ng 5 hours!..Love It!!!