Monday, September 14, 2009

25 Random Things Ab0ut Me!

Nakita ko lang ito sa blog ni Nadja at mukhang trip kong gayahin..hehehehehe!...
I just found out that I want to jut down some facts about me that maybe the other people don't know yet!..And here's the list:

1. I sleep very deep and when someone wakes me up, I'll have a hard time to sleep again!

2. I started working when I was 18 yrs old since I'm so excited to earn money for my own!

3. In accordance to number 1, I'm having a hard time to wake up and only few people knows how
to wake me up!..( just touching t**t t**t !! hehehehe! u know)

4. I laugh differently. I mean different from your normal laugh that sometimes I might sound OA

5. Laing is one of my favorite dish but I really crave a lot with "Bicol Express" especially yung
napakaraming sili!..awow!!

6. Trance music is one of my favorite genre of music and i even downloaded 14 albums of it
specially by Tiesto.

7. I usually go to a club were no one can stop me dance. i love dancing and this is my forte!

8. I'm a frustrated singer. I really want to learn how to sing well!

9. I eat Calamares a lot!..AS IN!..yung tig-3 piso sa labas ng school namin!, ayoko yung sa mga
bar kasi parang di ako nasisiyahan at isa pa, MAHAL!

10. I have a lot of white sneakers, as in lahat sa kanila puti. Pero meron ata ako 1 brown.

11. My dream is to become a professional photographer that I idolize 2 of my friends whose
really good in photography. "Tatz" and "Eybi".

12. Mahilig ako sa sulok, yung tipong laging may sasandalan.

13. When I'm riding any public transportation, I want my seat beside the window. Kung jeep
naman, di ako sumasakay sa loob, laging sa harap!

14. May malaki akong sugat sa paa kasi nahulog ako sa puno ng mangga sa province namin when
I was 9 years old. As in 11 stitches kasi bumagsak ako sa lutuan ng mais (made of yero).

15. Signature choco hot and cold.

16. I'm always looking for a Wi-Fi Zone.

17. I love Beyonce Knowles and all her songs!..meron din akong album nya sa phone ko!

18. Meron akong sariling music video ng Mad ni Ne-yo na ginawa ko sa Matabungkay Beach!
Hehehehe!...kaka-aliw, and I love doing MTV's!..

19. Sumayaw na ako sa Fiesta sa amin na ang practice ay umaga at hapon ang palabas! WOW!!

20. I had a wavemate that I envy a lot. I even dress like him and made my haircut like him as

21. I want to memorize the U.S. Geography!

22. They told me that I speak English too fast. And they love my accent!..

23. For me, chico and tiesa are eeew eeew!

24. I don't eat fish! unless, himayan mo ako!..

25. 1 pack of Marlboro Red please!

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