Saturday, September 19, 2009

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(nakakaasar ang PC d2 sa ofis..mali ang date)
I'm writing this post at exactly 2:48 PM here in my station in the office.

9 more hours and 12 minutes, another year has past and i'm now facing my 24th year in this journey called life. Memories are still in me and I let you know how my life started.

The year 1953 when a baby girl was born in the hospital and she is the 3rd baby of her mom and dad. Years passed by and at the age of 20, she was forced to marry a guy that was not really the love of her life. Since her parents arranged this wedding, she doesn't have any choice but to marry the guy that was totally strange to her. She had 2 kids from that guy then suddenly she just decided to leave him. She live her life alone without the kids because the father don't want to give the kids to her. She met another guy that was totally different from the 1st guy she lived with. A guy that she really loves and promised to love for the rest of her life. She had another 2 kids from that guy and she thought that this will be her perfect family. The guy went to Saudi for him to raise her family well. When the guy returned to her family, something was changed. He physically hurts the girl and for the 2nd time, she decided to live her life with her kids without the guy. I definitely think that this girl was not too lucky in terms of relationship. After 5 years from the 2nd decision, she, again met another guy whose quite older than her and shows love and respect to her. Love that was way better that the first guy she lived with and respect that she don't get from the 2nd guy she loved. Their relationship is not that legal since she's still married with the 1st guy and the new guy is still married with another girl, but the guy was seperated from his first family. December 1985 when they decided to have a baby and after 9 months of carrying the baby in her womb, at exactly 4:24 AM of September 21, 1986, she gave birth to a baby boy that was named "AESON". "A" stands for the first name of the mother and "E" for the surname. "SON" means a baby boy. Aeson is really a blessing to the couple that their life started to be bounty and they had a good life. 3 years after, Aeson's father died in a cardiac arrest and that was really a shocking scenario to her mom. Last few words from his dad was told to his mom while he was carried by his father then suddenly, Aeson fell to his father's chest and the drama begins.

After the death of Aeson's dad, his mom stop falling in love for another man because she thought that she's not really into relationships since all the man that she'd been with are failures. So the mother took care of the 3 kids alone and she started to work hard for her kids. Years passed by and now, Aeson is already 22 years old turning 23 later and his now working for her mom and paying back all the sacrifices that her mom gave to them.

Some facts:

- when Aeson was in grade school, not really sure what grade but he used to be a blind kid before.
- at the age of 9, he fell in love with a girl whose name is Karla E. Castro.
- when he was 8, he fell to the ground from a 10 ft. mango tree and he landed with a big laceration.
- He's a teacher's pet when he was in grade 4. The teacher taught him how to sell biscuits but the profit will be hers.
- He used to work with different kinds of job and his first was a food sampler having free taste of their product in the mall.
- He's now working with the Philippine's pioneer contact center.
- He's also studying again for his college.
- He is now in the office and starting to be sleepy..zzzzzzzzzz

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