Thursday, May 20, 2010


-a festivity that really captures hearts of people from the farm.

-giving importance to our great farmers and also to their one and only bestfriend, CARABAO!

This year, the CARABAO FESTIVAL in Pulilan, Bulacan was really awesome, and i'm proud that i'm a part of that local festivity. Every year, farmers all over 19 barangays of the municipality of Pulilan in the province of Bulacan are gathering for a day of thanksgiving to their patron saint "San Isidro Labrador". Locals are always celebrating this feast for the bountiness of their harvests and also to give happiness for their constituents, for the tourists from other cities and even from other countries.

One of the best attraction here is the kneeling of the carabaos when they reach the frontdoor of the church. Pictures were taken from this year's CARABAO FESTIVAL. ( )

I was so touched when the carabaos kneeling in front of the church of San Isidro Labrador to give thanks to the patron who gives bountiful harvest every year.

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