Monday, April 26, 2010

muni-muni, sa iniibig, sa kaibigan at kung ano-ano pa.

Matagal na rin ang huli kong post.

Ang hirap pala mag-isip ng mga gagawin mo sa mga panahong wala ka namang balak gumalaw para gumawa ng kung ano mang mga bagay at ang pinakamahirap pa ay ang pag-iisip na wala ka namang gustong isipin dahil ayaw mo sa sarili mong mapagod ang utak mo.

-i had fun drinking and drinking after i left the company that i worked with for almost 2 years.

-i was so depressed after that day since i still don't want to leave them but there's no choice for me.

-i fell inlove with someone that i know he'll never be mine.F**K

-i chose not to show to that person how much i love the times that we're always together till i regret the time why i didn't tell it to that person.

-i'm always laughing nowadays just to hide the feelings of sadness.

-i believe that i can get the person i love soon, by hook or by crook.

-i miss all my bestfriends, my good friends, and even my not-so-good friends.

-i wish they miss me too.

-i'll promise them that i'll be back soon.

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